Common Fantasy

Hey guys, I just want to let you know that it is a very common fantasy to want to see your wife with another man.

Personally I think the cuckold type movies suck and that’s not me. I’m not some sissy man that wants to be dominated and forced into anything.

I know a lot of men like me. They have a wife that they love and cherish.

They think she’s the best fucking thing in the world and they want others to know it too.

I’m going to create a category for how to make your fantasy a reality.

I’m also going to create a category for reasons to keep it a fantasy and not go the extra mile.

I hope you find my articles and stories helpful.

I also hope you enjoy the pictures I post of my wife. Please – do not share my pictures with other people. These are my property and I would hate to have to shut this site down because friends of my wife found out.

thanks guys,


3 thoughts on “Common Fantasy

  1. hi would just like to say from what i can see yes your wife is hot just like mine i am like u but i have gone that mile and loved it hope to see some more photos soon and send some of my wife if you like ?